Friday, February 17, 2006

Sidekick, older but accurate picture

An older, but accurate picture of the Sidekick 3, this is it. No questions asked. The phone lights light up a beautiful hue of's not completely obvious in this picture but that is what it does when you see it.

Sidekick 3 Rear

A great back shot of the Sidekick. Notice a stronger flash and a more camera-like integration of the lense and flash. The next question is, why does that rear compartment come off?

Sidekick 3 front

A view of the Sidekick 3, notice the nipple or mouse-like controller on the right. The buttons are also more rounded. It looks like the screen is the same resolution as previous Sidekicks. But the form factor is clearly much smaller and phone-like.

Sidekick 3 Profile shot