Saturday, January 20, 2007

New Sidekick to Launch in the Spring for FREE!

The FCC has approved a Sharp device going by the model number PV150 that we understand is a new form factor Sidekick that will launch in the Spring with a great low end price: free! How will it be free you ask? The carrier will subsidize the price of the phone and make up the money with the data plan required to take advantage of the Sidekick's messaging, email and web surfing features. What is the catch? This version will not have bluetooth. It will however be a tri-band (850/1800/1900) GSM device. It looks like Danger is trying to build its user base. Word from T-Mobile is lots of people buying the Sidekick 3, but lots of people are turning it off too and moving away from the platform. Maybe this is a defensive move against the forthcoming iPhone from Apple and an attempt to build a subscriber base.