Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Possible Hiptop3 Boost Mobile Guide

Here is a little something worth sharing. Could it be another fake? Sure, but it seems good enough that I wanted to share, even if it's just a practical joke. The most interesting part is that if these docs are correct, the Sidekick 3 will launch on Boost Mobile, which is owned by Sprint/Nextel and targets the hip crowd that loves the Sidekick 3. The part that makes this unbelievable is that I don't think Danger has been working on a CDMA version of the Sidekick 3, they have only been GSM.

New Exclusive High Res Sidekick 3 Pic (Here's the Grey Screen I Saw)

This should put to rest a few areas of rumor on the Sidekick 3 as this is the highest resolution picture to the hit the Internet yet. It shows details of the menu and it confirms the mention of the trackball, and shows the grey background I saw when I used it. It also confirms the legitimacy of the OS screenshots I posted recently. Here is something for the supersleuths though: in the first part of the drop down menu, above the word Blue(tooth), what do you think that "Airp" is...airport I think...but what is that? Check back soon, I have some more details coming.

If you want to play show and tell, email me at

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Separating Truth from Rumor on the Sidekick 3

Some new details about the Sidekick 3 have emerged, this is from a reliable inside source that I used to trust 100%, until she was wrong about SonicBoom. It's hard to know what is real.
  1. SonicBoom is the real name, it's no fake as I once thought.
  2. Hiptunes is the real name, the word "springloaded" is an important part.
  3. has published several random hints about the Sidekick 3 throughout their website for the last three months. Hiptunes is the confirmed name of the Music software
  4. The real Sidekick 3 manual has an orange and grey header at the top of each page.
  5. T-Mobile will NEVER refer to the Sidekick 3 as Hiptop 3, especially in their manual, it would confuse the consumer, as well as the fact as it is NOT called a Hiptop, it's called a Sidekick
  6. The public will be pleasantly surprised with a new feature on the hiptunes OS that may take iPod by storm

Sidekick 3 Streams Music? New Details Emerge from Possible Manual Copy

The following is reportedly a piece of text from the Sidekick 3 user manual. I can't speak to the legitimacy, but it sounds interesting so I thought I would share it. If this is true regarding streaming, we have ourselves a winner here as that would be a big deal. This potentially answers a lot of questions I have been getting. Additionally, stay tuned for some new details from a current Sidekick 3 user.

---------------from the Hiptop 3 by Danger Manual---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Web Browser has been improved since the Hiptop 2. New features, such as streaming audio, video playback and image saving has now been implemented. Along with EDGE, browsing is now 5 times faster than on the Hiptop 2.

Images can now be saved onto the mini-SD card that comes with your Hiptop 3.
How to save images:
1. Using the trackball, simply run the mouse over to an image and press the Menu button on your Hiptop 3.
2. In the menu options, choose “Save Image.”
3. A file menu will come up. Type in a name and click the Save button to save the image to the mini-SD card
The new web browser can view AVI and MPG videos. You cannot save video streams yet as that feature may be added on later.
How to play videos:
When asked for a player, choose “Windows Media Player” and click the OK button.
The Hiptop 3's web browser can now stream music on the device. This includes MP3, OGG, WMA and MIDI. Music can be streamed from anywhere on the Internet. You can even save the MP3 streams onto the mini-SD card! MIDI can be saved onto the mini-SD card and saved as ringtones.

Before the music starts playing on an MP3 or MIDI stream, a window will pop-up asking if you want to save the stream. If yes, then choose a folder to save it to and click the Save button. The window can be avoided by opening the Menu, clicking Settings and under the settings, click on the “Suppress Stream Saving” checkbox.

Sidekick 3 Mysteries

Clearly the momentum is building for the Sidekick 3 and I am anxious to see how it all plays out, however there are still some unanswered questions out there that have yet to be resolved. I am hoping the next barrage of pictures that I get help answer some of these mysteries:
1) Why did the Sidekick 3 I used have a grey screen and not as much of a cartoony feel as the images I have posted?
2) Will the Sidekick 3 actually have an improved, better resolution screen at launch? I have been told it will, but I know what I saw.
3) Will there really be a launch party on the 20th of June? Has anyone seen an invite?
4) Will Bluetooth be enabled for wireless file transfer?
5) What formats will the Music Player support?
Remember, if you have any images to share, send them to

Possible Sidekick 3 Manual Shot Confirms Music Player is SonicBOOM

Here is the latest in a series of Manual shots for the Sidekick 3, that may or may not be legitimate. If someone would go to the trouble of creating the whole idea of a HipTunes promo with Beyonce, they could certaily fake THIS. This image supposedly from the manual for the Sidekick 3 suggests the name of the music application as SonicBOOM. Looks like a lot of work to manage your playlist.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Link to Original Image of Beyonce Used in Possible Fake Sidekick 3 Hiptunes Ad

Several readers have sent us in the source for the original image of Beyonce shown in the supposed Hiptunes ad for the Sidekick. Is it possibly still real? Well it could be, have images been used more than once for advertising? They have, and I don't know if this is real or not though this link strips away some of the credibility of the ad. What is more interesting to me is why would someone go to all of the trouble to make such a nice looking ad? I still say Beyonce is the bomb, fake or not.

Mr. Cartoon and Juicy Sidekick 3 Concept

A clever reader has given us a taste of what Mr. Cartoon and a Juicy Sidekick 3 might look like. I personally think the Sidekick in black would be killer. Still I hope the screen resolution gets moved up a notch.

T-Mobile Preps

The following domain has been registered to T-Mobile and is linking to the Sidekick II. Looks like T-Mobile is getting everything ready for launch.

Beyonce IS Part of the Sidekick 3 Launch

BSD Strikes Back! It looks like Beyonce IS part of the promo launch of the Sidekick 3 via Hiptunes and hmmm does she look fine. I have to say, I always thought she was the hottest girl in Destiny's Child, for me personally it wasn't even a contest. But when she went solo, I had my doubts but I said "if she just shakes that booty in every music video, she will go to the top of the charts." She eventually listened and she has taken that booty to 9 Grammy awards. I just wish she would stop calling me in the middle of the night and singing "Baby Boy."

Sidekick 3 Manual: Trackball Lovers Unite and Takeover

This is a reported digital file from the Sidekick 3 Manual from "the Raven." Now, assuming this is real, I think I need to start calling that little navigation knob a trackball. If it's not real pic though, it's an incredibly complex, detailed and well thought out piece of work. I think its real and if I need to say trackball starting today, I will. Though I still say the one I used didn't feel like there was a spinning ball under my thumb (and the background screen was grey and not as cartoony as the images I have been posting). Maybe I will start calling it a trackball on Tuesday since it's a long weekend.

Friday, May 26, 2006

New Screenshot of IM Application On A Sidekick 3 (Notice Date!)

Now this is an interesting shot. It's the first shot we have seen of the IM screen inside an actual Sidekick 3. Notice the date on there of May 26th, 1:34 p.m. and also take note of how the IM applications are different than the ones I posted before. Check out how the Yahoo IM logo is different and note the other icons that are a little different from what we have seen before (like the SMS one. )

Thanks again for the help everyone, I appreciate you coming to my blog and showing me love. And remember friends, if you have any great pics, shoot them over to me at

Sidekick 3 Music Service : "Hiptunes: Music with a Kick?"

HIPTUNES: We got word tonight about the possible name of a Sidekick 3 Music service called "Hiptunes." We don't have many details yet, but our source has told us about potential support for MP3, OGG and MP4 and they have passed along a possible slogan of "Music With A Kick." If anyone can confirm or deny this it would be great. We also have a shot of a potential logo for the service, though we don't know if it's real or not. We have to say the logo looks cool though and the font that spells "hiptunes" in funky lettering looks legit. I will leave it to the supersleuths to verify.

Another Sidekick 3 Screenshot (email screen)

Here is the third screenshot in the most recent series. I think there will be more pics hitting over the weekend, we'll see. And remember, if you have anything worth sharing or any pics...shoot me me an email at

Direct Look at the Initial Sidekick 3 Screenshot

Here is a direct look at the screenshot that was on the first Sidekick 3 marketing pic that I posted a while back. Nothing really that new except you can see the details of the screen in greater detail and not at an angle. You can also match up the details with the shot I posted yesterday that showed the Instant Messenger application and see that the design is pretty consistent. I have another coming as well so check back.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sidekick 3 Interface Screen Shot : EXCLUSIVE!

Have a look my friends, you can see some new icons, the grouped instant messenger piece and some cool new icons. Sorry the pics were later than I thought, but they are starting to pour in. Remember what I said about the unified messenging? See how it shows what that MSN and Yahoo are connected and AIM isn't? So they are all still separate, but somehow they work as one. Pretty slick.

Super sleuths, what can you tell us about these new icons? One looks like a book with an @ on it. I can't really tell what the others might be. Any guesses? - BSD



Here is what you have all been waiting for, an exclusive, extra large marketing shot of the Sidekick 3. It's high resolution and shows great detail of the navigation/control knob. Click on the image for the huge version. Thanks to all the fans of the blog, I appreciate the support, emails and pictures. Make sure you check out my full blog for other new pictures of the Sidekick 3 and interface at and If you have something to share, email me at

Sidekick 3 Seen in New York

This in from trusted reader "Jo Jo."

"Hello, I have some news for you.. although it's not very credible, and I have no proof. Last night I was coming back from Providence to New York on American Airlines - I saw an older man (dressing quite formal I must say, suit and everything) and as we were both getting on the shuttle to JFK parking, I noticed he had a blackish sidekick... okay, at this point I'm thinking it's just a Mister Cartoon version, but It was definitely a Sidekick 3... it looked smaller, and it was black and silver, and definitely had a nub, or or whatever it is :). Anyway, when I asked "excuse me, what is that?" He said "it's the future of handhelds", smiled and got off the shuttle. I have no evidence or pictures, but hopefully this will help your search."

Remember to send your stories, pictures, scoop and Sidekick 3 details to

Thanks - BSD

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Blueball loves Sidekick 3, Sends Pic to Prove his Love

To show that the previous picture posted was not stolen and was indeed his, my favorite new spy "blueball" sent in a shot of his "bluecase" in front the Sidekick 3 blog. He even said he thought this site was the best device blog on the net right now but he had to pretend his loyalties lied elsewhere. It's ok, I understand blueball.

Sidekick 3 Prototype Shell?

This picture was sent in today and is reported to be a prototype shell for the Sidekick 3, taken from a Sharp production area. I can't verify it's authenticity, but I will tell you the general shape looks accurate. Hey super sleuths, any thoughts?

Update: I have received numerous emails since posting this stating that this is a prototype mold, but it's not for the Sidekick 3, but instead for the original black & white Sidekick.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Nub vs. Trackball

I have been receiving a horde of emails tonight about my use of the word nub when describing the Sidekick 3 navigation system. Allow me to explain: To those of you who were fortunate enough to play video games in the 1980's, you might have played games like Missile Command or Marble Madness (pictured at left) or even Centipede. If you are younger, maybe you have seen the golf game Golden Tee? Well each of those games has a trackball, which is a ball that moves with a socket. It rolls in any direction and spins freely within that socket. The Sidekick 3 nub is like this but on a smaller scale, though it feels like it only imitates this functionality which is why I called it a navigation knob in my review from early April. It feels much like the mouse-knob that sits in the middle of many laptop keyboards, except you don't really "push it" directionally, it responds to you sliding your finger over it with a slippery sensitivity. Some people will like it, some won't. It will definitely open up some possiblities for gaming though and it will allow for more PC-like navigation longer term on the web browser. It's different, it acts in a unique way. That is why I call it a nub or a navi-knob.

Wikipedia on "Trackball"

Sidekick 3 Bluetooth qualification and stats

This little tidbit on the Sidekick 3 was pointed out by a Sharp insider who sent a link to a Bluetooth qualification page for the Sidekick 3 that shows the Bluetooth specs. Click and enjoy if that is your thing. How do we know it's the Sidekick 3 they are referring to? Well look at the Product ID - It calls it the PV200 just like the FCC site did. Here is the link.:


Wireless PDASHARP Corporation

Wireless PDA with Bluetooth.

Bluetooth identifier :B03125

Created Date :2006-05-04

Spec version :2.0

PRD version :1.0

Product ID :PV200*

Software Version :Device OS 3.0

Hardware Version :01

Qualified Product Notice :QPN_304-CTCMrev1.pdf

Compliant Portion :CPD_304-CTCMrev1.pdf

Qualified profile :- GAP
- HandsFree-Unit (1.0)
- OPP-Client
- OPP-Server
- Serial-DevA
- Serial-DevB

Interop Devices :- -

Product Type :PROD

List Date :2006-05-04

**An executive whose email was listed on the link has received over 100 emails since last night

Close up of the Sidekick 3 NUB

As you recall from the review on this site posted almost 2 months ago, the Sidekick 3 has a nub for navigation now. Another fan site secured a close up of the shot, great work guys. Here is a clip of what was in an earlier Sidekick3 Blog post should anyone need clarification on its functionality.

From early April...
"Navigation Knob
The navigation knob on the right is one dramatic change for the Sidekick 3 and it is very unique. It is similar to the navigation “mini-mouse” that sits in the middle of the keyboard and looks like a nipple on many laptops, but it has a touch-sensitive element to it that allows you to slide your finger in a certain direction over the top to navigate in a particular direction. It offers a very fluid movement but it seems a little rickety at the same time because it feels “loose.”"

Asurion says "Ooops" to the Sidekick 3 reveal

It looks like someone read my Sidekick 3 blog yesterday and contacted T-Mobile or Danger who then yelled at Asurion and said "man, you need to take that Sidekick 3 information off your!" And Asurion said "whatyoutalkingboutwillis?" "Sidekick 3?" and then they said "ooops" and now the drop down menu that said Sidekick 3 is no longer there.

Sidekick 3: A Decent Gaming Platform? Maybe, but this Pic has to be Fake

Hmmm, an interesting picture. This comes from "Salacious Crumb" who seems to have knowledge of video game programmer plans and who picked up the following developer commentary "we are working to develop a number of Namco titles for the Sidekick 3 currently in production." Now I know there a number of super sleuths who come to this blog daily, so my challenge to you is this: if you think this picture is photoshopped, where did that particular shot of the Sidekick 3 come from? It doesn't look like any pic I have seen yet. I personally question any low-res grainy photo I see, but this one was interesting enough to share. Thoughts?

Update: Someone made a great point, they suggested that this pic was merely the FCC shot rotated and against a different background. They said the glare shape and location was identical. They also said this game is Ridge Racer for the PSP. Like I said "super sleuths" come here daily, and you can't fool them.

Here kitty kitty

I guess cats are afraid of the new Sidekick 3. This little kitty hissed when it heard the screen had the same resolution as the original black and white Sidekick from many years ago. It hissed and used it's paw to slowly point to the resolution of every other handheld pda in the market, possibly referencing the high resolution screens. Let's hope Danger listens to the kitty.

Will a Sidekick 3 Commercial Air During American Idol This Week?

In the swirling rumor mill, the sparks are flying. We will be able to test this rumor in the next couple of days. We got a spy report this week that I ignored until the source came back with something that gave them some credibility. They said a Sidekick 3 commercial that will be airing for the first time on May 24, 2006. Keep your eyes peeled for this commercial, because it will reveal information about the Sidekick 3 that has not yet been mentioned including price and release date. Expect to see it air on Fox during the commercial break of the "American Idol" 2 hour season finale.

There is it folks. I will be tuned in to watch Taylor Hicks win and see if this is real or not. Say what you will, fake? true? possible? We will all know shortly. Remember, if you have good info or a new pic, hit me at

Reader Sends in Fake Sidekick 3 eBay Auction

Update: Our readers are savvier than the people who send things in. We were sent this listing on eBay and it was suspect, but a horde of users smelled a fake and called it right. Turns out this guy didn't have the Photoshop skills he thought he did. Fooled me though. I mean, you can post ANYTHING on eBay right?

Earlier Post: "The proof is in the pics and you can go look up the seller yourself, his information is on there. The question is does Hiptopdeals really have a Sidekick 3 to sell or was he just yanking our collective chain? I think he was just messing around because if he really had one, I think he would have taken a picture instead of stealing the one from my blog."

Monday, May 22, 2006

Sidekick 3 Mentioned on T-Mobile Equipment Site

"Ghostface" called in earlier with an interesting tip for all of the Sherlock Holmes wannabes out there. Check out the link below for a site on getting protection for your T-Mobile device. One of the choices on the drop down menu? Sidekick 3. Have a look Sidekick fans and feel free to chime in with a comment or observation. And remember, if you have something hot to share, email

More Fan Made Sidekick III Promo Shots

Fan Made Sidekick III Ad with fake pricing

$399? What do you think of that? Well, I will tell you that it's WRONG. It will actually be $300. Here is a full shot of the promotional material that will be released soon. It also shows some of the specs and details, though not clearly. Stay tuned Sidekick lovers, there is more to come from our moles inside T-Mobile.


Here is the first fan-made Photoshopped promo shot for the Sidekick 3. East coast spy "Izod" secured these exclusive pictures, and you know where you saw them first. I am think I need to start calling it Sidekick III now though because that is what the promo materials are showing. Stay tuned, I have a boatload of these fakes to share. They are a good attempt, but they get a lot of things wrong in the branding. "Danger Team?" It's T-Mobile, not T-mobile...still a good attempt.


A stealth spy, "Gladiator" has confirmed the specs for the Sidekick 3. Yes, I know we haven't yet had the pictures that were supposed to come, but let this whet your appetites for the time being while we continue to wait for "Catgirl" to get the images to us.

Size: 4.9 x 2.3 x 0.7 inches
Weight: about 6.77 ounces
Talk Time: Up to 6 hours
Standby Time: Up to 3 days
Frequency: 900 MHz; 1800 MHz; 1900 MHz

It will come standard with a Lithium Polymer battery, but Lithium Ion batteries will also be available to purchase.

The Sidekick 2's 6MB email account will be upgraded to a 10MB account in the Sidekick 3 without a MiniSD card.

Everyone is encouraged to purchase a MiniSD card. It can be used to add space for photos, ringtones, applications, more email storage, and you can even expand your contact list limit!

Many people noticed that Sidekick 2's broke very easily with the screen in the "up" position when dropped. There has now been an improvement to the Sidekick 3, that allows it to withstand short drops, because it is magnetically reinforced.

Keep an eye out for our commercial. It will showcase a few, as yet unmentioned features.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

T-Mobile Sidekick 3 Promo Material On its Way to Stores Next Week

A spy named "Blue Fox" sent us this grainy shot of information on T-Mobile promo material along with a description of what is on the sheet, I think the Fox is wrong on the release date, but she has credible data points. Here is what the Fox sent.

CC/12×12p ITEM:055261812 [BD: TMO black pink]
CP/16×12pback ITEM: 055382733 [no BD]
CP/20×20cback ITEM: This item is not yet listed. Check 06/06 Listings for more information.
This (promo) material is now available for outsource delivery beginning JUNE 06 06. Please select delivery carrier by custom to your division’s preference.

This was printed at the bottom of our outsource delivery sheet which we receive bimonthly. Let me explain it to you. UI/DANGER HIPTOP DATA DEVICE/PROMO – UI is a reference code to “new material” which is now available. DANGER HIPTOP DATA DEVICE, speaks for it’s self – but we usually would receive something similar with UI/DANGER HIPTOP SIDEKICK 2/PROMO, for the Sidekick 2. We are no longer ordering Sidekick 2 Promo materials. Because it simply says HIPTOP DATA DEVICE, we would assume that this would be the Sidekick 3’s promo material, as if it were the Sidekick 2 it would clearly state so, as well as the fact that the Sidekick 2 has been discontinued, we also have reason to believe that that the actual device will be available on the 3rd or 4th of July, which is probably what the other dealer/manager has come to believe.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

New Photoshopped Sidekick 3 Picture Surfaces...

Here is a tasty little morsel to snack's a new, never before seen Photoshop shot of the Sidekick 3 jump screen. Who is the ugly brunette next to my Sidekick homegirl? She looks like she just came off the shortbus. I know it's a small picture, but isn't it sweet? Remember friends, if you happen to have access to the Sidekick 3, shoot me any pics at

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Waiting Patiently for the New Sidekick 3 Pics to Surface

When will the new Sidekick 3 pics surface? Will it be a shot of the updated interface? WIll it be a celebrity holding the Sidekick 3 at a Hollywood party? Maybe a Danger insider wants to throw us a bone and will send over a spy shot of the Sidekick 3. As we get closer to the weekend, we are still expecting a new pic to hit. Stay Tuned. This is where you will see it.

Now THIS is interesting...right from a Sharp Employee

As the clock ticks closer to launch, we are getting rumors of Sidekick 3 launch parties in L.A. and New York in early June, talk of celebrities seen carrying the Sidekick 3, and then this little doozy below that could throw a wrench into everything we think we know so far. Remember, if you have pictures of the Sidekick 3 or meaningful data points that can help us put the puzzle together, send me an email at - BSD

"I work for Sharp Inc. Productions Labs, based in Burbank, California.

I work in the Packaging Department at Sharp, and we receive electronic products and prouduct casing daily for Sharp, which we send to distributors or Sharp Subsidiaries (like Danger with the Hiptop Platform). All of Sharp’s test casing products go through us first, and then to a manufacturer or the FCC to be pre-approved, so basicly when Sharp wants to propose a new product (like the Sidekick 3), they will manufacture usually ten to twenty test models in China, Taiwan, Japan etc, and then send them to us where we will distribute them to whom it is addressed.

All of our shipments come in standard cardboard brown boxes with a product code, sometimes a name, and sometimes a picture (so the box does not need to be opened in Customs or the like), and recently we had been receiving Sidekick 3 casing and internal memory cards, microchips and circuitry boards etc, but we have now been receiving the actual handsets, sometimes as much as 84 per shipment. Anyway, this morning when I came into work, I was assigned to package the products and simply box them, when I noticed casing for what looked like the Sidekick III’s we had been receiving, but a lot thiner and smaller - which look to me as though they are a thin RAZR version of the Sidekick III. I also noticed that the screen appeared to have DXTHB (4mpx)Tiles - which suggests that there might be a touchscreen element to the Sidekick 3."

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sidekick 2 : R.I.P. and Sayonara

We have received a number of reports in the last several days that the Sidekick 2 is no longer in production. While that is sad, the great thing about technology is the new life breathed into the world when a next generation piece of hardware is born. Out with the old, in with the new. It's kind of like when the iPod changed from black and white to color or from music-only to adding video playback. These things are sad and nostalgic for some, but they are also good because they are telltale signs of new and typically better things to come. Stay tuned faithful and if you spot a Sidekick 3 in the "field" be sure to email me a picture at



Monday, May 15, 2006

New Sidekick Details Unveiled: VIDEO!

This just in from a trusted source called "Vortex." Enjoy the new details, they are legit my friends and be cool in the message boards ok. We are all just fans trying to dig up the latest details on number three.

"The nub was a little sensitive."

"The device I used did not have video capabilities, but the ones that are going to be released will." (I believe it will play videos made with the camera as well as videos that are stored on the SD card, will confirm that when we can.)

"There is a new camera effect that I noticed. Its like a night-vision setting. Where the photo comes out in a green color and you can see things better in the dark. Its very smart considering that I've never seen a camera phone have that option."

Also, when I used the web browser it was very different. For instance, when you type a site in and press enter its says "initiating..." and then goes onto load a lot faster. You can now view the browser full screen. And when I say full screen, I mean side scrolling.

"Email has been updated too. You can have colored text and different fonts and such.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

T-Mobile Store Managers Getting Tipped to Sidekick 3 Release Date?

The number of reports and emails I have been receiving about T-Mobile managers (store managers and area managers) getting told about a June release date for the Sidekick 3 increased significantly over the weekend. It sounds like its a combination of "no new Sidekick 2 shipments in preparation for Sidekick 3" to direct comments about dates. June 26 is still the date that people are clinging to, but I can't confirm that specifically. I am simply told "June" by credible sources and until I am told otherwise, I am sticking to that. I think this will be an important for Sidekick 3 information, and remember, we are still waiting for the next underground pics to surface.

Have a tip? A sweet pic? First person who sends a shot of the new interface gets a prize! Send an email to

Poll: What is the most important new feature for the Sidekick 3?

Use the comment section to throw in your vote. For me personally, it's the Bluetooth and though I have made my points about the screen quality in my review below, I think Bluetooth is what is critical in this upgrade.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Rumors on Sidekick 3 Built in Music Player (Look out Ipod)

As I mentioned a little while back in my review, the Sidekick 3 has a music player. The interface is simple, looking only like a list of songs, not a complex music player, but a clean list with a little green music note icon (like on Itunes) and then the song name next to the music note. The format of the songs is plain and simple. An interesting rumor was shared with me and I wanted to pass it along on the outside chance that someone can add a little credibility to thiss:

"I thought you would be interested to know that Danger and T-Mobile just struck a deal with Beyoncé and the Pussycat Dolls to pre-load some of their upcoming songs in the sidekick's music player when it will be released."

Interesting don't you think? The only reason I am sharing it is because I believe it is likely true because of the Sidekick's previous marketing "friends" Paris Hilton, Snoop Dogg and the host of rappers who love the Sidekick and Hiptop platform. Also, it would make sense that the company would want to market the music application in the new Sidekick 3. If anyone has anymore tips, feel free to email me at

Monday, May 08, 2006

New Sidekick 3 Details and Pics Coming in 14 Days

A spy I will call "The Raven" has informed me the Internet will see new leaked photos and information on the Sidekick 3 in the next two weeks. Why two weeks? "because prototypes are being more widely disseminated now and the unit is being shown around the globe and marketing materials are being put together for a June launch and details are sure to leak out..."

So there you have it. Lets keep an eye out over the next 2 weeks for some updated launch information and maybe some pics of the operating system and new functionality. I will start the 14 day countdown now. Ready, GO! [13 days, 23 hours, 58 minutes]....

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Image on Marketing Pic Not Showing New Operating System

It dawned on me this morning that the image of the Sidekick 3 below, the "marketing shot" is not actually showing the latest version of the operating system. It is instead showing the OLD operating system. The new one has a much darker color, a grey hue and different icons on the front with a different logo...and don't forget the mini-menus within each icon. Just wanted to point out this inconsistency with that hardware shot and what will eventually show up on the UI.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Release Date Announcement is Near

I expect a release date for the Sidekick to be announced soon. It's June as far as I am told and I have had more than one T-Mobile Bothan spy tell me it's actually June 26th (Many Bothans died to deliver that information.) Why June 26th? I don't know, but it's all we have to cling to right now. Any ideas? Discuss!

First Official Sidekick 3 Marketing Shot

This is the first official marketing shot of the upcoming Sidekick 3. You can read my first official review of the Sidekick 3 here. This sweet shot is the highest resolution picture yet on the Internet and I think the availabilty of the image shows that the Sidekick 3 marketing campaign is ready to roll and this baby is truly close to launching. Look closely at the image, the picture shows the little details of the four navigation buttons on all corners of the Sidekick 3, it also verifies what I said about the resolution staying the same. It also shows the USB port and gives a better look at the finish and the keyboard. It's getting close people. Feel free to leave a few comments below. Anyone from T-Mobile want to help unravel launch details? There was some chatter yesterday about exisiting Sidekick 2 owners receiving emails offering a rebate, much like they did for Sidekick 1 owners before the Sidekick 2 launched. I had said the other day on my Sidekick 3 Blog that official images were about the surface from the underground. The next images I expect to see will verify what I have been saying about the new look of the operating system on the Sidekick 3.